Apple II Autostart ROM Disassembly

The Apple II Reference Manual includes the source code for the autostart monitor ROM, starting on page 136.

As an exercise, I loaded the ROM image into 6502bench SourceGen and reproduced the contents. This is a fairly faithful rendition, and provides little in the way of additional commentary or improved formatting. It does, however, make it possible to search, and you can use SourceGen's cross-reference features to see how things connect.

Since not everyone has a Windows PC, I've used SourceGen's "export" feature to generate HTML output. This is not expected to assemble. (If you want sources you can assemble, SourceGen can generate code for 64tass, ACME, cc65, and Merlin 32.)

An excellent source of information on the Apple II monitor is the book "Apple II Monitors Peeled", published by Apple Computer in 1981.

Copyright 2019 by Andy McFadden

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