Destiny 2 Nightfall Solo Guide: Tree of Probabilities


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(Last updated: 2018/02/28)

The strike takes place on Mercury. It was introduced in the Curse of Osiris expansion, but didn't appear as the Nightfall until week 26, when patch 1.1.3 rolled out.

There's an excellent write-up from Esoterickk on Reddit.

Recommended Loadout

Equip standard loadout. Bring Wardcliff Coil for non-Prestige runs so you can use the "Wardcliff Coil ammo gift" to refill your rocket launcher between boss phases.

For Prestige runs, select a Singe element that matches your class, e.g. Arc Singe for Striker or Arcstrider. Configure your weapons to match. Because Singe boosts the damage done by enemies, using Void may be beneficial.

Starting Area

Fields of Glass

Atlas Grove

Boss Fight: Valus Thuun


Fight strategy:

Recommended Videos

Look for videos from week 26.

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