Thoughts on 1.1.3 Nightfall Changes

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Patch 1.1.3, released 27-Feb-2018, made significant changes to the way Nightfall strikes work:

This is generally positive for 3-person fireteams:

I'm not happy about it for solo play:

On the plus side, failing during the boss fight no longer requires you to replay the entire strike. Assuming you can gather enough ammo, you can just repeat that part.

As I look over the guides I've written, I'm thinking that I can remove essentially everything before the boss fight without making them any less useful in the new system. Most of the clever time-saving tricks and fancy moves no longer matter. The lead-up to the boss fight is "kill everything", and the boss fight itself is now primarily "don't die". The new system makes soloing less interesting.

I may be getting ahead of myself, but consider Savathûn's Song without Momentum or time pressure. The entire strike can be done by sniping from cover. The hard part of the strike isn't staying alive in the boss fight; the hard part is getting to the boss fight with enough time on the clock. Everything except the Thralls will stand at long range and let you snipe them, and the Thralls were only dangerous because, if they hit you, Momentum prevented you from healing while sitting in cover. The only hard part in the entire boss fight is the last dunk, which could be dicey without Momentum healing.

As Esoterickk noted in his first 1.1.3 solo run: "My opinion on the new Nightfall changes? Ghost answers it perfectly! See 02:10 in the video."

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