Destiny 2 Nightfall Solo Guide: The Inverted Spire


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(Last updated: 2018/02/27)

The strike takes place on Nessus. It has multiple areas that can be traversed by sparrow, including some where maybe you weren't supposed to be able to. This is a great strike for people who enjoy finding the most efficient way to run past groups of hostiles.

Patch 1.1.3 and later: Kill everything before the boss. When fighting the boss, snipe the adds from cover, and don't die. Original guide is below.

The composition of hostiles is significantly different for TW:Rings vs. TW:Killing Time, but doesn't seem to be affected by Momentum vs. Prism.

Recommended Loadout

Equip standard loadout. The boss moves a lot, so configure your rocket launcher for velocity. The Site Security mini-boss fight and first stage of the boss fight benefit from Wardcliff Coil, but the last two boss stages work best with Curtain Call because you really want to keep your distance.

You will want to run past a few groups of enemies, so stealth is useful but not really essential.

You take a lot of arc damage from dead Fanatics and in the last stage of the fight (from the boss and the radiolarian pool). This makes Riskrunner an interesting choice when coupled with healing from Devour, because it has a perk that gives you ammo when you take arc damage.

Modifiers: Attrition + Timewarp: Killing Time

You start with 12 minutes in normal, 8 minutes in Prestige.

Modifiers: Momentum + Timewarp: Rings

You start with 12 minutes for normal, 8 minutes for Prestige. There are three sets of 10 rings, each of which adds 30 seconds, providing a maximum extension of 15 minutes.

Modifiers: Prism + Timewarp: Rings

You start with 11 minutes for normal, 7 minutes for Prestige. Same configuration of rings as the Momentum version.


Starting Area

Vex Barricade

Timewarp: Killing Time

Timewarp: Rings

Here's one approach that gets all rings, using a counter-clockwise spiral that doesn't require fancy skills (but you do have to be quick):

  1. (trigger; jump from south to north)
  2. Run north, then walk off onto the south edge of the ring. You want to move somewhat diagonally, headed northwest, so you don't slip off if you overshoot. Immediately jump back up.
  3. Run to the SW ring, and single-jump onto it, so you're standing on the bottom part of it. Jump backward back off.
  4. Jump all the way east, to the platform you were shooting from earlier, and jump through the SE ring. Try to land in front of it. If you land on top of it you might bounce off to your death.
  5. Run north and through the ring at the end of the platform.
  6. After falling to the platform below, jump through the ring at the bottom.
  7. Run west, then jump south, up and through the upper NW ring.
  8. Turn a bit left and jump through the ring in front of you.
  9. Continue forward, down the ramp. Ignore the Phalanx, and jump onto the bottom part of the ring. (It's close to the edge of a ledge, so don't jump through it unless you want to start from the other side.) It's slightly faster to jump directly down to this from above, but you have little margin for error at the cliff edge.
  10. Run north along the left side of the room. Use the launcher to move back up; it sends you through the last one. IMPORTANT: don't jump at the launcher dome, just run straight at it. The nearby Incendiors often give you a pop as you run past them that will knock you off the map if you are airborne.

Take a few seconds to gather up all available power ammo. You want to leave with a full set.

Descent to Battlefield

Drill Site Security

Timewarp: Killing Time

Timewarp: Rings

Nine additional rings appear for about 45 seconds. This is a tougher set to get, but it's possible to get all 10 if you have good jumping skills. The pattern runs generally west to east:

  1. (trigger)
  2. As you run north, a ring will appear in front and above you.
  3. Turn left, jump through.
  4. Run across the top of the bunker; the ring is just outside the northern entrance.
  5. Straight ahead and a bit to the right. Ideally you land on the bottom part of the ring, and launch off of that to the next one to the east.
  6. Either land on the pillar and jump into the the ring, or ideally land inside the ring directly. You have to double-jump, as a single-jump will just chest-bump it (which is enough to trigger it, but it's slower than jumping off of it). Either way, don't linger, or the enemies north of you will kill you.
  7. Head north to the platform where the Honored Colossus was standing, jump up onto the cylinder, then onto the bottom part of the ring. Turn SE and jump toward the next closest ring.
  8. Ideally land inside the ring, then jump eastward toward the next ring.
  9. Jump through the one above the bunker.
  10. Run across the top of the bunker and jump through.

When complete, sparrow down to the eastern jump area and throw the switch.

Transit System

Timewarp: Killing Time

Timewarp: Rings

Chasm and Grinders

Timewarp: Killing Time

Timewarp: Rings

Once again, nine rings appear. They're fairly spread out, and there are still numerous enemies, so it doesn't make sense to try for the full set. One simple path that collects 7 out of 10 focuses on the ones that are along the top:

  1. (trigger)
  2. Run straight ahead on the same level where the trigger ring appeared.
  3. Turn right and jump uphill. Do the jump in two parts, one to the grinder channel, one to the ledge. Check for incoming grinders before jumping.
  4. Run along the narrow ridge toward the boss entrance. Jump onto the one that's directly ahead. Don't jump through or you might fall into the gap where the dogs are. (Chest-bumping the front of the ring works too).
  5. To your left is a ring at the same level but over the gap. Wait for the upper grinder to pass, then jump onto the ring. You want to come at it at a shallow angle -- aim for the vertical part on the far side so you'll stop if you overshoot. Turn right and drop straight down onto the path.
  6. Run down the path, then up and to the right to the upper ring. The ledge has a couple of dogs that you can ignore. Jump through.
  7. Turn slightly left. Check the upper grinder position, then jump through the ring and fall down to the boss entrance area, breaking your fall at the bottom.
  8. (ignore)
  9. (ignore)
  10. (ignore)

Get on your sparrow and drive to the boss.

Boss Fight: Protheon, Modular Mind

The fight with Protheon has several phases, gated by health.

  1. Kill the three Harpies to summon the boss. Protheon moves around the center part of the north ledge, firing his Torch Hammer.
  2. At 95% health, four Harpies spawn near him.
  3. At 90% health, Protheon teleports to the SW or SE corner. Shortly thereafter, five Harpies spawn near him. Protheon will tend to stay in the corner.
  4. At 80% health, Protheon teleports to the center of the south platform. Shortly thereafter, five Harpies and one Quantum Harpy spawn in the center. Protheon will move around the southern platform.
  5. At 75% health, Protheon becomes invulnerable then despawns. The floor dissolves, dropping everyone into the next room. When Protheon reappears, he will have a Slap Rifle in his right arm, and a ground-pound weapon in his left.
  6. At 65% health, three Hobgoblins and nine Goblins appear. The Hobgoblins don't move (but do throw Slap Grenades).
  7. At 60% health, three Hobgoblins, eight Goblins, and one Quantum Goblin appear.
  8. At 50% health, Protheon becomes invulnerable then despawns. The floor dissolves, dropping everyone into the next room.
  9. Protheon appears when the five Goblins are killed, or after 30 seconds have passed since he despawned. He now carries a Slap Grenade launcher in his left arm. He will stand in the west and shift around a little.
  10. At 40% health, Protheon will move counter-clockwise to the southeast. Two Goblins appear in the west, and four Goblins plus two shielded Harpies appear in the east. He moves very little in this phase.
  11. At 30% health, Protheon will move northward. Several Goblins, two shielded Harpies, and a Quantum Goblin appear (in the east and north for TW:R, in the west and south for TW:KT).
  12. At 20% health, Protheon's head pops off, moving the crit zone to his torso. Several Fanatics and an orange-bar Finalizer spawn in, appearing on all sides. Protheon will march onto the island and try to stomp you.
  13. [10% health?] More Fanatics appear.

First Room

Second Room

Third Room

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For Momentum + TW:R, look for videos from weeks 10, 18.5, and 25.
For Prism + TW:R, look for videos from week 2.

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